Stigma – a social evil jeopardizing lives of the mentally ill


Like any other physical problem, a mental illness can affect anyone. However, the social stigma attached to it can be invariably maligning and have a deep impact on the patient’s life. For example, if an illness has no clear physical cause, then it is deemed to be “all in our mind” and therefore we must be “making it up.” Continue reading

Tackling bereavement and depression – how to return to normality


Bereavement holds the power of divesting a person of everything he once enjoyed. In no time, mourning may lead to a mental illness leaving him clueless about moving forward. Besides, his response to grief may be different and could be influenced by the extremity of loss he went through. According to the American Cancer Society, one out of five bereaved people have the potential to develop major depression. Continue reading

Technology-based mental health therapy


Virtual reality video games enable players to accomplish things they would not attempt in their daily lives, such as killing a monster, robbing a bank, starting a war or being a part of the fantasy world. With an increasing importance of technology in the society, mental health therapists are using virtual reality as a weapon in their fight against mental illness.

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Former sheriff suggests separate jail intake to identify prisoners with mental illness


The Detroit Free Press reports that a lawsuit was filed last week naming Macomb County, Michigan, as one of the responsible parties in the death of inmate David Stojcevski. According to reports, Stojcevski died in 2014 while in the care of the Macomb County jail’s mental health unit.

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Mental illness awareness week: Become a stigma buster!


Every year, Mental Illness Awareness Week is held during the first full week of October. In 2015, it takes place October 4th through the 10th. During this time, organizations and people across the United States exchange information on mental illness and treatment, learning new ways to combat mental illness and eliminate stigma and discrimination. Continue reading

Mental illness awarness week: Finding success in the face of mental illness


A person suffering from a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia must not only face the rigors of the condition’s symptoms, but also the commonly held, negative perceptions of the illness. It is such stigma that often keeps those with mental illness from informing loved ones about the symptoms and seeking treatment for the condition. Continue reading

Mental illness awareness week: Battling the stigma of mental illness


Prejudiced beliefs that were once considered a normal part of life have been abandoned as people became more humane and informed. Many countries around the world have made strides in advocating for equal rights among all demographics. However, mental illness, it seems, is one of the last subjects up for discussion. Research points to a deeply-rooted stigma attached to mental illness, partially taught, partially due to ignorance and fear.

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